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Catering - Montreal

Eventure is a well established Montreal caterer. Our catering servicesare most often required at special events such as weddings, corporate events, business conferences and all private parties. Regardless of the type of event, our professional team will always presents an impressive spread of food. Eventure has earned a great reputation for satisfying clients from all over Canada. Since 2011, we have received great reviews for exceptionally thought out catering menus across North America. We continue to advance event host’s visions and missions. Our commercial kitchen and office is conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Montreal and since opening, we have had the opportunity to serve food at hundreds of events in nearly every venue in and around the city. David Sacks is our Executive Chef, and he redefines arts through a spectacular fusion of flavour, form and originality. He is innovative and has unique menu offerings. His food philosophy is grounded in simple, well-made food. He and his carefully selected team of sous chefs use seasonal ingredients that are hand-picked from local Montreal markets and specialty stores. David has a curiosity to explore modern approaches to create fresh, flavourful and innovative cuisine. Our experienced team of culinary artisans bring expertise in all areas of event catering, menu creation and execution. Since our inception, we have been contracted to be the lunch caterers for many law firms, hospitals, as well as, some of the most prominent Quebec based corporations. Whether it’s gourmet sandwich platters, healthy salads, canapés or a grand corporate function with a variety of buffet stations, 5-course dinner service, and bartending, we always hit the spot. One of the greatest advantages of working with Eventure is our food quality. We are considered to be an industry leader in this area. In general, catering preparation begins 24 to 36 hours prior to the event, at our in-house kitchen. However, a considerable portion of our catering production is finished or prepared at the event location. We are passionate about what we do, and we take tremendous pride in the food we prepare.

Catering Menus

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Catering Location

Our in-house event planners will help you locate the perfect location for your event. They will do everything in their power to create a unique, perfectly executed event. Montreal is a great city for a party, conference or gala. Our city houses some of the oldest buildings and modern halls in the country. So, whether you’re entertaining 50 friends for a private party, 1,000 executives for a full day meeting, or planning a once in a lifetime wedding, we will listen to your requests. We’ll also assess the challenges and lead you every step of the way to ensure a wonderful experience. If requested, our production team will visit the event venue and ensure that all of the event space is being used to it’s full capacity.

Catering Budget 

When planning to hire a catering company for an event, you should always have some sort of a budget in mind for the food. This is not an easy task but calculating an approximate amount is very important. Based on your catering budget, we will develop a  suitable menu for your event. It should be noted, that there are certain factors that affect the price like number of people, the venue, available equipment, service style, ingredients and allergies. We will need these details, in advance, if possible, so that we can prepare an accurate estimate for you. After going over the details, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that will outline the breakdown of services and state the costs. Remember that the initial estimate is simply a preliminary proposal, and may be altered in any way or form to suit your event needs and budget. Feel free to contact us for a free personalized menu or if you have any questions at info@event-ure.com. We look forward to working with you at your next event.