Design. is Eventure’s in-house “location decoration” division. Our team of event designers will work with you to ensure that all décor reflects the overall theme and style of your event. Our professional event design team, based in Montreal, can customize props, backdrops, costumes, sets and more, through sourcing or building, to ensure thematic continuity from beginning to end.

We aim to be visually powerful, intelligently stylish and, above all, everlasting by capturing the essence of our client and the spirit of the space.

If you have the spark of an idea, we can ignite it. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Ready to design your next event? Call or e-mail us for rustic design or modern décor: (514) 733-9000 or

Frequently Asked Questions

+ We don't have an exact vision in mind when it comes to venue, design, or overall theme. Can you help with this?
+ Does Eventure provide full-service décor set up and tear down?