Drink., Eventure’s mobile bar and mixology service, offers a variety of custom-tailored event cocktail concepts based on three fundamental principles – creativity, inspiration and sophistication.

Under the leadership of our master mixologist, our team of brilliant bartenders tantalize taste buds, creating the industry’s most innovative cocktails that are often replicated. We are proud to be recognized as North America’s premier mobile event bar service, understanding that a truly outstanding bar service is not just about the alcohol, but it’s also about the ambiance it brings to the event.

Integrating the most advanced mixology methods (i.e. liquid nitrogen, dry ice, foams and fire, etc…), our drink design process combines premium spirits with an array of seasonal fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices to create the most ground-breaking beverages.

Drinks are always gorgeously garnished and skilfully served. After all, Drink. is more than just a bar service. It’s a cocktail experience.

For a personalized cocktail consultation, please feel free to reach a member of our mixology team. (514) 733-9000 or drink@event-ure.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I already have bartenders for my event. Can I just rent your bars?
+ Can we bring in our own wine/alcohol for our function?
+ Even though we have a bar package, do we have unlimited alcohol and wine service for our guests?
+ Is there a time limit on our bar package?