+ Why should I hire an event planner?

Event planners bring years of experience, knowledge and trouble-shooting expertise. Although Pinterest and Google are phenomenal reference tools, planning and executing events takes years of know-how.

If ever you are faced with an emergency at your event, you’ll wish that you took that extra step in hiring a qualifies event planner, who not only can fix the problem but likely have planned the event to avoid the problem ever existed initially.

+ How long have you been in business?

Eventure was founded in 2011. We are in our seventh year of business.

+ What types of event services do you offer?

We are one of North America’s only entirely vertical event production agency. Our core business encompasses catering, mobile bar services, technical production (sound, lighting, audio-visual and staging services), event décor and design, event staffing and, of course, event planning and logistics management.

+ How far in advance of an event should I contact you?

Eventure has produced 500 person corporate events three weeks before the event and also have worked on 50 person private events 1 year in advance. The more time we have to plan the event, the better the final product will be. Ideally though, we should be your first call and then we can work with you on the rest.

+ Is an Event Planner expensive?

No, Eventure planners are not expensive. Because of our vertical business model we are likely to save you money by hiring us, rather than cost more.

+ Am I tied to using certain suppliers if I work with you?

Definitely not! Obviously our business model incentivises our clients to our in-house event products and services. Our “one-stop-shop” formula allows us to add value to our clients by affording discounts to our client based on the number of Eventure services they use so, essentially, the more of our services you use, the more you save.

Of course we realize that clients may have pre-existing relationships with external suppliers and so we are always ready, willing and happy to work collaboratively.

+ Where do I start when planning catering for my event?

That’s easy! Give us a call (514-733-9000) or send us an e-mail (info@event-ure.com). From consultation to coordination, one call does it all!

+ Is your food prepared by a qualified chef?

Most definitely! Born in Montreal, Quebec, chef Benjamin Cooper was already showing his culinary inclination at the age of five, when he surprised his parents by ordering "escargots" at a restaurant. By the age of 12, he had moved across the Atlantic to Europe where he developed a full-fledged passion for good food.

Upon graduating in both Pastry and International Cooking from Tiroler Fachberufes Schule, Ben completed his apprenticeship at world renowned Hotel Klosterbräu's Ritter Oswald Stube in the Olympic region of Seefeld, in Tyrol Austria., where he was awarded with one 'tocque' from the Gault Millau guide, the Austrian equivalent of the Michelin star.

In 2006, Ben was the youngest chef to have been awarded a gold medal at the International Art Cooking Exhibition in Salzburg, Austria.

Ben moved back to Montreal in 2008 and started working in some of the city's top kitchens before being recruited by the late Chef John Ledwell as his protégé, working his way up to Chef de Cuisine at the exclusive members-only club, Le 357c, where his food was enjoyed by many celebrity fans, among them former Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney, as well as international celebrities Barbra Streisand, Robert DeNiro, and Celine Dion.

Today, at the ripe age of 29, Ben is redefining event catering.

+ Are you fully insured?

Absolutely! We hold a 5-million dollar insurance policy and are fully covered.